FCL - Full Container Load shipping

We Specialize in transportation Full Container freight shipments requiring the full capacity of an ocean container

City Sprint is the answer to your FCL Needs

City Sprint Full Container Load (FCL) Shipping

No matter how large your freight or how urgent your need is, City Sprint has a variety of services to meet your trucking needs…or we’ll customize one for you!

When choosing FCL shipping, your load will fill an entire shipping container. Under a Full Container Load, goods and merchandise in a container are loaded and unloaded under a single consignee. This however, does not mean you are required to fill the entire container.

A partially full shipping container can often times be less expensive than LCL due to there being consolidation and handling fees associated with sharing an LCL container. Shipping partial loads is a common practice within the ocean going freight industry.

Most FCL loads are door to port, but it's possible to ship in other manners, such as port to port, port to door, or door to door. Please contact us for your customized quote on your FCL load needs.

Preparing Your FCL Shipment

Please contact us regarding your FCL shipment preparations.

You will need to secure and put your shipment onto pallets. A 20-foot full container fits 10 standard pallets or 12 Euro pallets on the floor of the container, unstacked. And a 40-foot full container fits 20 standard pallets or 24 Euro pallets, unstacked.

LCL Shipping